Mike & Ike Theater Boxes - 12ct

Mike & Ike Theater Boxes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Mike and Ike theater boxes are full of your favorite candies and available now in a bulk pack! Get all the Mike and Ike you can handle with every order.

Our theater boxes are similar to the packages usually sold at movie theater concession stands, except without the expensive admission price! Mike and Ike candies are capsule shaped pieces of chewy goodness that come in a handful of juicy fruit flavors. Try lemon, lime, cherry, orange and more!

What can you do with Mike and Ike theater boxes? Just about anything! Keep them at home as an easy snack on busy days or pack them as part of your lunch.

The larger theater boxes are also convenient for hiding! Put one in your desk drawer, in the car or in your purse so you have something sweet to eat while on the go. Our bulk Mike and Ike theater boxes are also a must-have for parties and movie nights!

Certified Kosher Candy

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