Cella's Chocolate Cherries Changemaker - 72ct

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Amazing combination of sweet cherry and smooth milk or dark chocolate!

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Nothing is better than the amazing combination of sweet cherry and smooth milk chocolate. That's why our Cella's milk chocolate covered cherries are such a great choice for serious candy lovers.

Each piece includes a single red cherry surrounded by a dome of creamy chocolate. Since 1864, Cella's has been creating some of the world's most delectable chocolate covered cherries. Originally created by the Masarik family, this candy is now produced by world-famous Tootsie Roll Industries.

Whether you need a thoughtful gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth or want a delicious treat for personal snacking, Cella's cherries are a great choice. They arrive individually wrapped in glistening red and gold foil which adds a luxurious touch to the eating experience.

Our bulk Cell's milk chocolate cherries box contains many individual pieces so you have plenty to eat, share or give as gifts. They make tasty stocking stuffers and can be used to create elegant wedding favors!

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