Milk Chocolate Covered Animal Cookies - 10lb

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Animal crackers are delicious by themselves, but imagine the tasty delights when you cover them in sweet milk chocolate! Our milk chocolate animal crackers offer that irresistible combination so you can get your snack time fix with a treat that offers it all.

Each piece includes a crisp animal cracker that's smothered in a smooth blanket of delicious milk chocolate. Rediscover all your favorite creatures in our bulk animal cracker pack! You'll see adorable bears, pigs, horses and many more. Pick out the ones you love or dive right in and taste them all.

Each offers the same savory taste with the crunch of animal cookies and the creamy goodness of high quality milk chocolate! Albanese knows how to bring out the best flavor in every confection it creates. Order our bulk milk chocolate animal crackers for the family to enjoy or serve them to guests at your next event!

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