Milk Chocolate Gold Coins 10lb - Large

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Milk chocolate coins for purchasing much good will!

69 coins per pound

Price per pound: $23.00

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Milk chocolate gold coins are sure to please guests at any event! This classic confection includes a basic coin shape. Each piece is made out of rich milk chocolate that forms a solid disc shape with smooth, straight sides and a wide top and bottom.

A shimmering gold foil wrapper covers all sides, adding a luxurious touch that recreates the look of a real gold coin! Unlike real gold coins, these milk chocolate candies can satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. Our bulk milk chocolate coins are a great choice for events, parties and businesses.

Use them as stocking stuffers or include them as treasure at a pirate party! Pour them into net bags or treat bags to give out as party favors. Chocolate coins are also a fun way to teach young children about currency and counting. Teachers can hand them out in the classroom while parents can keep them as a quick after school snack.

Foil covered chocolate coins are tasty and fun! Kids and adults will love this currency inspired creation. Each piece is disc shaped, made of solid milk chocolate. The outside is protected by a gold foil wrapper. Both sides are decorated in a realistic U. S. coin pattern with seals, text, stars, and more. It's a great way to teach kids about money. Give chocolate foil gold coin chocolates as a party favor for parties and holidays.

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69 coins per pound

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