Milk Chocolate Kitty Cats - 60ct

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Milk chocolate kitty cat candy is a unique way to celebrate your favorite treat and your favorite animal all at once! Who doesn't love an adorable fluffy kitten and the smooth taste of quality milk chocolate? Our kitty candies give you both in one individually wrapped snack!

Each piece includes a distinctive cat shape, complete with curved tail, ears and a charming face. The wrappers are printed in a matching cat design with different fur patterns. Unwrap a calico, tabby, tiger stripe or white cat and enjoy the sweet confection hidden inside! Our milk chocolate kitties are perfect for a wide range of events.

Hand them out at fundraisers for local animal shelters or give them to children at birthday parties. They also make great filler for party and wedding favors. Anyone who adores felines must try our bulk chocolate cats. They're almost too cute to eat , that is until you discover the silky milk chocolate underneath!

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