Milk Duds Theater - 12ct

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You'd be a dud not to like Milk Duds!

5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $3.00

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You'd be a dud not to like these Milk Duds Theater Boxes! That's because they're full of the chewy, gooey milk chocolate covered caramel that this candy is famous for. And in their theater size box, there will be enough to pass around and share wherever you take them.

Host a great movie night with friends and family when you order some of these Milk Duds Theater Boxes and pass them out before the lights go down. Since it isn't a crunchy candy, you won't disrupt viewing and you'll still have something yummy to devour during your rom com, thriller or action adventure movie. You can even use these Milk Duds Theater Boxes to put in gift baskets or empty out into bowls around your home.

SKU: R329885

5 ounces per box

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