Milky Way Bars - 36ct

Milky Way Bars - 36ct
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Delicious candy bar legend that's been handed down for generations!

Price per bar: $2.00

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There are some traditions that are handed down from generation to generation and enjoying a delicious Milky Way candy bar is one of those things. This delicious mixture of creamy chocolate, smooth nougat and creamy caramel has been providing kids with a sugar rush since its invention back in 1923. Originally the candy bar was developed to try to capture the delicious taste of a milk shake any time you wanted.

The candy was so good that it stood on its own and today kids of all ages still look for these classic candy treats. If that isn't out of this world, now there are several different types of Milky Way to choose from as the dark chocolate version has been added, and that just means that there are more people than ever who are over the moon for this treat. Halloween, Christmas, Easter or a birthday all occasions are going to be made more delicious by offering Milky Way bars to everyone. You will be spreading joy one treat at a time.

Certified Kosher Candy

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