Mini Chocolate Sneakers - 64ct

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Mini chocolate sneakers are a cute candy that comes in a colorful package! Each bite is full of rich, chocolaty flavor. If you're looking for a unique treat to serve at a themed party or other special occasion, our foil wrapped chocolates are a great choice.

They are economical and can complement a wide range of events or settings. Just unwrap and each tasty morsel is ready to enjoy! Our miniature chocolate sneakers include a simple shoe shape with a flat bottom (like the sole of a shoe). Each is individually packaged in foil printed in a nostalgic sneaker pattern.

Each includes a tied shoe lace and three stripes in black or white. Chocolate sneaker colors include red, blue, green, yellow and white. Use them to fill up treat bags for sports themed parties or serve them at sporting events like the kid's softball or soccer games! Chocolate sneakers even make a delicious after school snack.

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