Mini Kollisions Sweet & Sour Licorice Candy - 12ct

Mini Kollisions Sweet & Sour Licorice Candy - 12ct
  • $13.99

A unique and colorful mix of sweet and sour mini licorice candies!

2.5 ounces per bag

Price per unit: $1.17

Product Details

Fini Kollisions mini candies are a unique licorice treat that's made in Spain. Most confections offer just one shape. Mini Kollisions adds excitement to snack time by offering a whole assortment of shapes and colors to choose from! Try smooth tubes, ropes, textured cylinders and more. Some are two colors while others offer a whole rainbow. Each package contains a bit of everything, making each bite of Kollisions candy a new experience for your taste buds!

SKU: F361022

2.5 ounces per bag

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