Mint Licorice Caramels - 4.4lb

Mint Licorice Caramels - 4.4lb
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If the hypnotizing swirl doesn't do it for you, then the delicious minty, chewy, sweet flavor sure will! Black and white and wrapped individually in cellophane, Mint Licorice Caramels are both refreshing and addicting with a big bite of chew and sugary sweetness.

If you're having a black and white event, a black tie wedding, formal affair, Halloween party or practically anything else, then these Mint Licorice Caramels would make an incredible statement for you. Stock up on a bulk bag and you'll be able to put them out in candy dishes, give them away to friends, keep them around the house, or serve them on a dessert platter. These Mint Licorice Caramels are so tasty they can do it all and more.

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