Life Savers Pep-O-Mint - 20ct

Life Savers Pep-O-Mint - 20ct
  • $43.99

Pep-O-Mint fresh and crisp peppermint Life Savers!

14 pieces per roll

Price per pack: $2.20

Product Details

Is your mouth screaming ''SOS'' for a breath freshening treat? Well, these Life Savers Pep-O-Mint and Wint-O-Green are here to save the day! Let them toss you a life preserver for your taste buds with their fresh minty flavor and classic ''O'' shaped form. This hero of the candy world has been around since 1912 and has saved mouths all over the world. Pep-O-Mint was the first flavor and quickly made an impression in the mouths of many. Since then, a variety of fruity and other mint flavors have been invented. Try these minty rolls on for size and see for yourself if you think they're worthy of their heroic name!

SKU: Y342484

14 pieces per roll

Flavor List

Pep-O-Mint or Wint-O-Green.

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