Bulk M&Ms Milk Chocolate - 25lb

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A giant box of Milk Chocolate M&M's!

Price per pound: $6.68

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M&M's are one of the most popular chocolate candies available today. While this confection is usually considered a tasty modern treat, it's actually enjoyed a long, rich history that dates back to the 1930s.

During that time, the founder of the Mars candy company noticed that Spanish soldiers would eat chocolate pellets. These included tempered chocolate that was resistant to melting. He decided to take the idea to the next level and created a candy that used Hershey chocolate!

Each round M&M's candy consists of a delicious chocolate center surrounded by a hard panned coating. Each piece comes in a handful of vibrant colors, including orange, red, yellow, green, dark brown and blue. Our bulk M&M's pack includes all the original hues in a large quantity that's perfect for events and celebrations.

Use them to decorate cakes, cookies and more during the holidays or prepare for a special occasion by creating party or wedding favor with M&M's! Anytime is a great time to share the chocolaty taste of classic M&M's candies!

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