M&M's Peanut - 48ct

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This particular candy is delicious to the core!

1.74 ounces per bag

Price per bag: $2.02

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This particular candy is delicious to the core! That's mostly in part because in the middle of a crunchy shell and chocolate coating, awaits a whole peanut for you to chow down on. Of course we're talking about the famous M&M's Peanut candies and are sure you've already experienced their addictive and delicious taste.

Now if you're a huge fan of these classic Peanut M&Ms candies like we are, you can bring home a bulk supply to munch on for snack time after snack time. These M&M's Peanut candies come wrapped in individual packs so you can throw them into lunch boxes, add them to pinatas or even give some away as party favors. Just prepare yourself for a ton of amazing chocolate and peanut flavor in every order!

SKU: WP317200

1.74 ounces per bag

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