M&M Star Wars Coin Bank - 9ct

M&M Star Wars Coin Bank - 9ct CandyStore.com
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Each unit includes a sleek black vase with the words "Star Wars" printed in white in the famous font everyone remembers from the movie intros. Star Wars fans and M&M lovers will agree that few collectibles are as endearing as our M&M Star Wars coin banks!

This amazing creation combines both "brands" into one functional accessory for your home, bedroom, dorm room or wherever you secretly stash your candy or Star Wars memorabilia! Along with a stylish base, each bank includes one of three recognizable characters from the movies , M&M-ized!

There's yellow M&M playing the part of evil Darth Vader, with his trademark round hat, black garments and red light saber. Red M&M confidently takes up the role of wise Obi Wan Kenobi with a brown hood and blue light saber. Blue M&M Stands tall as iconic Boba Fett, with the unique mask that is the trademark of his character. Our bulk M&M Star Wars coin banks are a great choice for holidays and parties!

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