M&M Star Wars Fan - 12ct

M&M Star Wars Fan - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Star Wars fans really are cool, especially when they have these fun M&M toys at their fingertips! This unique novelty candy combines one of the world's most beloved and referenced film sagas with one of the world's most delicious and popular confections. A straight handle supports a pair of fan blades near the top with classic M&Ms hidden inside.

What really makes these fun treats extra-special is the M&M character perched on top! One of three famous figures form the Star Wars movies appears behind each whirring fan. There's Darth Vader in his famous (or infamous) black garb played by the yellow M&M.

Alluring green M&M plays the role of Princess Leia in a white robe while good old red M&M is unstoppable Obi Wan Kenobi! Our bulk M&M Star Wars fan box gives you many individual candy filled toys that are perfect for party favors and collectors of film memorabilia!

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