Conversation Hearts Large - 5lb

Conversation Hearts Large - 5lb
  • $22.99

Classic candy conversation hearts with a catchy motto!

Price per pound: $4.60

Product Details

Classic candy conversation hearts with a catchy motto. This candy sure has the gift of gab! And it didn't even need to kiss the Blarney Stone to do it. In this order of Large Conversation Hearts, you'll be able to read countless messages of love and adoration while you munch of tangy and crunchy sweets.

Have trouble stringing together what you want to say to a loved one or crush? Let these Large Conversation Hearts do the talking for you! They sure are a real conversation starter when set out in a candy dish in your home for guests to snack on. They even make a great goodie bag for the ones you love most on Valentine's Day. Give your friends and taste buds something to talk about with these Large Conversation Hearts.


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