Mounds Bars - 18ct King Size

Mounds Bars - 18ct King Size
  • $68.99

Indulge in the tropical taste of dark chocolate and coconut with Mounds candy bars, a customer favorite for its delicious flavor and soft chew.

3.5 ounce per pack

Price per unit: $3.83

Product Details

Who ever said big was better certainly never tried these Mounds snack-size candy bars! And what a shame that is because these mini morsels of the classic candy are just as delicious and even more amazing since you can pop one, two, or three into your mouth at a time if you choose.

These mini Mounds bars are a great addition to any Halloween candy basket to be given out to eager trick-or-treaters because of their petite size and big flavor. They also work well in lunch boxes, as an afternoon snack or alongside a cup of tea or coffee. That's why they call them Snack-Size Mounds bars.

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3.5 ounce per pack

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