Mr. Goodbar Candy Bars - 36ct

Mr. Goodbar Candy Bars - 36ct
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Mr. Goodbar candy bars are a must-have for anyone who loves chocolate and peanuts. This popular favorite is easy to identify thanks to the bright yellow wrapper and bold red logo. The brilliant design hints at the sweet sensations contained within each sealed package.

Tear back the corner and treat your sweet tooth to the smooth texture of Hershey chocolate and the pleasant crunch of quality peanuts. This delicious candy bar is well-known today, but was actually introduced way back in 1925. At the time it was sold under a different company name because Hershey did not want to be associated with a chocolate bar with peanuts.

Of course all that changed because who can resist the salty and sweet combination of those two mouthwatering ingredients? Now each wrapper is emblazoned with the Hershey name. Our bulk Mr. Goodbar boxes will give you many full sized bars to keep for yourself or share!

Certified Kosher Candy

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