Neapolitan Taffy - 3lb

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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Neapolitan taffy offers three delicious flavors in one bite-sized treat! Each morsel includes the smooth, creamy taffy texture that candy lovers adore with the delectable taste of Neapolitan ice cream.Sink your teeth into strawberry, vanilla and chocolate without eating melting ice cream (or getting brain freeze!). Not only is this confection irresistible, it's also beautiful. Every piece of taffy includes three distinct layers in brown, white and pink.Our bulk Neapolitan taffy comes individually wrapped so it stays fresh and ready to eat. Order for special occasions like birthday parties and picnics or save it for the holidays. Loved ones will be so surprised to find silky taffy in their Christmas stockings or Easter baskets!Colorful taffy candy is also a popular choice for wedding favors and shower favors. Use our Neapolitan taffy alone or select from our many other taffy flavors to come up with your own hand-picked taffy assortment!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330900

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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