Necco Candy Wafer Mini Rolls - 150ct

Necco Candy Wafer Mini Rolls - 150ct
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If you have ever tried to carry a full size roll of these tasty treats in your purse or pocket and ended up with candies everywhere you will appreciate these Necco Candy Wafer Mini Rolls. With eight yummy wafers in each roll they are the perfect size for snacking, without the need to save the rest for later. There are a whopping 150 Necco Candy Wafer Mini Rolls in this bulk size, so they are ideal to hand out in the classroom, add to grab bags at parties, or use as Halloween candy.

These Necco Candy Wafer Mini Rolls contain the same original candy that has been adored for decades. The flavors include lemon, licorice, orange, clove, cinnamon, lime, and wintergreen, and if you are like most, you have a favorite flavor. We bet it's the clove! Although these tasty wafers were not introduced until 1912, Oliver Chase was making them all the way back in 1847 in the first American candy machine. No wonder they taste so delicious!

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