Necco Candy Wafers Rolls - 24ct

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Classic Original Necco Wafers are back after a prolonged vacation.

Read more about the The Great Necco Wafer Panic here.

35 wafers per roll (840 total)

Price per unit: $2.29

Product Details

Crunchy, powdery wafers of candy in classic confectioner's flavors like wintergreen, orange, clove, and chocolate make a candy experience that's been popular for more than 150 years! Whether you choose the traditional eight-flavor selection or a popular all-chocolate pack, these wholesale Necco Wafers come in a box brimming with the traditional candies in their familiar roll packs. Their vintage look comes with a long history as the original wafer candy, made in the U. S. A. and beloved by generations.

Necco Wafers, the first and foremost wafer candy, have been made since 1847, although they acquired the name (an abbreviation of New England Confectionery Company) in the early 20th century. They were even made during the World Wars specifically for shipping to soldiers overseas! The rolls of Necco Wafers in this bulk box make the perfect treat for mixed-age groups and are ideal for tucking into lunch boxes or a side pocket of your purse.

SKU: U319455

35 wafers per roll (840 total)

Flavor List

Eight original recipe flavors and colors are back in the new edition of Necco Wafers. Including clove (light purple), wintergreen (pink), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), lime (green), cinnamon (white), licorice (dark grey) and chocolate (brown). All the flavors were designed to identically match the original recipe except chocolate, which has been made chocolate-ier. :)

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