NERDS Gumballs - 24ct

NERDS Gumballs - 24ct
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Did you ever wish your favorite Nerds candies would last longer? Well Willy Wonka has found the solution and named it Nerds gumballs!

This unique treat combines the irresistible sweetness of Nerds with the classic taste of a gumball. Each piece includes an orb of bubblegum that surrounds a hollow center. A pinch of tiny Nerds candy is hidden inside so you get two delightful textures in every bite!

Bulk Nerds gumballs are the best way to get more of the confection you love. Each package contains individually wrapped sleeves of beautiful gumballs in vibrant colors. You'll see all your favorites, including red, orange and purple.

Nerds gumballs make a great Christmas stocking stuffer or can be used to fill up party favors for a birthday celebration! Keep a box at home so you always have something sweet and chewy to enjoy during snack time. Experience your favorite Willy Wonka candy in a new way with delicious Nerds gumballs!

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