Buncha Crunch Candy Theater Size - 12ct

  • $32.99

A delicious treat of bite-size Nestle Crunch bar nuggets in eye-catching theater boxes, perfect for creating smiles and upselling.

3.2 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.75

Product Details

Bring this movie theater favorite home with our bulk Buncha Crunch candy! If you love classic Nestle Crunch candy bars, then you will love these bite-sized confections. Instead of a solid bar, you get smaller morsels that are just as delicious.

Each Buncha Crunch includes smooth milk chocolate combined with crisped rice. This irresistible creation was originally only available at cinema concession stands. Now you can enjoy it any time, any day! Make family movie night a big hit by offering up actual movie theater box candy! Our Nestle Buncha Crunch is a great way to sweeten any flick or can be kept in a desk drawer as a quick sweet snack at work.

Give them out as part of a party favor or open up and pour into glass dishes or candy jars. Guests will love the rich, crunchy taste that makes Buncha Crunch the perfect alternative to whole candy bars! You can even experiment by sprinkling this Nestle treat on ice cream and other desserts.

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3.2 ounces per box

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