Nestle Crunch Candy Share Size - 18ct Bars

Nestle Crunch Candy Share Size - 18ct Bars
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A classic favorite, Nestlé Crunch offers a unique texture and taste with its combination of milk chocolate and crisped rice.

2.75 ounce per bar

Price per unit: $4.06

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Nestle Crunch is a classic candy that first appeared in 1937. The original packaging included aluminum foil with a paper sleeve. Today's version still contains the delicious crisped rice and milk chocolate, but without the excessive foil.

Simply tear one end and prepare to enjoy the rich flavor of smooth milk chocolate with a delightful crunch! Many variations have been produced, including caramel, ice cream bars, white chocolate and a dark chocolate version, however the classic milk chocolate is still the preferred product for many candy lovers.

Our bulk Nestle Crunch candy bar pack gives you many individual full size bars in one order! Keep a bulk pack at home so you always have an easy sweet snack ready to go or order for a special occasion. Nestle Crunch bars make great party favors and stocking stuffers. Give them away as prizes at school activities or community events or break into small pieces and use as a delicious dessert topping!

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2.75 ounce per bar

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