Nestle Crunch Bars - 36ct

Nestle Crunch Bars - 36ct
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When you pass out candy at a party or plan your pantry stash when school starts up in the fall, make sure you have something everyone will love. Nestle Crunch Bars are a perpetual favorite, a chocolate bar studded with the tasty crunch of crisped rice.

Nestle Crunch candy bars were introduced generations ago, but they certainly haven't lost their appeal, so you'll get your money's worth out of this bulk box of Crunch bars! Wholesale Crunch bars are a great choice for club fundraising and shop resale, because the satisfying simplicity of a crunchy milk chocolate bar is forever tempting.

This large box of full-sized Nestle Crunch bars also makes a playful alternative to home-baked desserts when you want a casual, easy-to-plan party. Stock some Nestle Crunch candies for entertaining and notice how much more often friends drop by when there's a chance of a Crunch bar!

Certified Kosher Candy

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