Nestle Crunch Giant-Size Chocolate Bar 4.4oz - 12ct

  • $36.99

That crispy chocolatey crunch you love in a giant sized bar!

Price per unit: $3.08

Product Details

Nestle Crunch truly is "even more scrumptious" now that they are available in a giant size! This enormous candy bar is a long lasting confection that dwarfs all other chocolaty treats.

The classic Nestle Crunch candy bar includes crisped rice surrounded by rich milk chocolate. Our giant Nestle Crunch bar is made the same way, but with even more chocolate and crisped rice goodness!

Anytime is a great time to enjoy a giant Crunch candy bar! Eat over multiple snack sessions or get one to give as a special gift. Chocolate lovers will be amazed at the size and will love the sweet taste that makes Nestle Crunch so delicious.

Giant Nestle Crunch bars are perfect to give away as prizes at school activities and community events. Buy them to add to gift baskets or wrap up the candy bar itself as the entire gift! When you have serious chocolate cravings, you need a giant Nestle Crunch bar!

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