100 Grand King Size - 24ct

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Nestle 100 Grand packs all your favorite confectionary ingredients into one delicious candy bar! This irresistible treat is truly rich, with a blend of crisped rice and chocolate surrounding a smooth, creamy caramel center. "That's Rich!" indeed!

If you're looking for the ultimate flavor experience, satisfy your discerning sweet tooth with 100 Grand! Bulk candy bars give you more ways to snack and celebrate! Add full size 100 Grand candy bars to your stocking stuffer list or include them in party favors. They also make great wedding favor filler or can be handed out as Halloween candy.

Whether you want to impress the whole neighborhood or only your taste buds, you can't go wrong with this high end treat made by Nestle! The original 100 Grand was created way back in 1966. Its name was inspired by the popular game shows families used to watch. This is one candy bar that never loses its value!

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