Nestle Nerds Very Berry Rope - 24ct

Nestle Nerds Very Berry Rope - 24ct
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Prepare your sweet tooth for the intense sweetness of Nestle's Nerds Very Berry Rope candy! This unusual confection combines two of your favorite treats into one lengthy snack. Each rope starts with a long, narrow piece of gummy candy.

The outside is coated in a layer of colorful Nerds candy - you know, the classic Nerds we have been raving about since 1983. Each Nerds Very Berry Rope comes individually wrapped so it's easy to share, give or enjoy. Take a rope or two with you so you have a snack ready to enjoy even when you're away from home.

Use them to make school lunches more exciting or serve as a quick after school snack. Nerds Ropes are also a great choice for birthday treat bags. Our bulk Nerds Rope pack gives you many pieces so you have enough to go around whether you're serving a small group or preparing the sweetest party favors ever!

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