Nestle Raisinets Dark Chocolate - 15ct

Nestle Raisinets Dark Chocolate - 15ct
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Few confections are as rich and tasty as classic Raisinets!

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Few confections are as rich and tasty as classic Raisinets. If you really want a luxurious snacking experience, you must try the dark chocolate version! This delicious combination starts with a plump raisin.

The outside is smothered in a layer of dark chocolate. It's a simple treat that's absolutely irresistible! Take a bite and experience smooth chocolate followed by chewy raisin goodness! Always have your favorite snack on hand by ordering our bulk Raisinets pack! You get large quantities of our dark chocolate Raisinets that are perfect for snacking on the go or at home.

Hide them in your purse, pocket or anywhere you might feel hungry. They fit easily into desk drawers or can be poured into a candy dish to serve guests! Impress everyone at the next party by giving dark chocolate Raisinets in the favors! They also make a tasty filler for wedding favors and edible gifts.

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