Mini Chewy Sweetarts Tangy Candy - 24ct

Mini Chewy Sweetarts Tangy Candy - 24ct
  • $52.99

A variety of flavors and colors create a unique fusion of sweet and tart chewy candy in a convenient grab-and-go size.

Price per unit: $2.21

Product Details

There are many new ways to enjoy your favorite SweeTarts flavors. Now you can taste them in a fun chewy mini candy! This sweet and tangy treat is inspired by the classic disc shaped confections you remember eating as a child.

Instead of big powdery pieces, our SweeTarts chewy minis includes small dots that are delightfully chewy. The outside features a smooth surface in multiple bold colors, including yellow, purple, red, green and orange. Our bulk SweeTarts chewy mini candy is a convenient choice for parties, picnics and holidays. Use them as stocking stuffers or place in Easter baskets for the kids.

Our bulk pack includes individual bags that also make wonderful Halloween candy! Use them to fill up birthday party treat bags or open up and pour into candy dishes. No matter how you serve them, everyone will love the tart taste and chewy texture that makes these SweeTarts so unique!

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