Sweetarts Mini Chewy Bites - 12ct

Sweetarts Mini Chewy Bites - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Irresistibly chewy center that makes each bite even better!

5.25 ounces per bag

Price per unit: $4.58

Product Details

Mini Chewy SweeTarts in bulk are a great way to make snack time easier. This delicious treat is different from the old school SweeTarts you remember.

The classic version was round, came in multiple flavors and had a very tart, powdery texture. Mini Chewy SweeTarts still offer the same shape and taste, but come with an irresistibly chewy center that makes each bite even better!

Whether you want to stock up for your personal candy stash or are planning a kid-friendly event, our bulk Mini Chewy SweeTarts are a smart choice. Each box contains a number of individual packages that are convenient for portioning or sharing.

Grab a bag to take to work or pack in school lunches. Or save them to use in birthday party favors. Willy Wonka candy also makes a great reward in the classroom or a prize at school activities and community events. Give kids the flavors they love with new Mini Chewy SweeTarts!

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5.25 ounces per bag

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