Nik L Nips Mini Drinks Wax Bottles 8-Packs -12ct

Nik L Nips Mini Drinks Wax Bottles 8-Packs -12ct
  • $39.99

A blast from the past, Nik-L-Nip wax bottle candy offers a unique experience with five classic, fun flavors and liquid centers in a convenient counter display.

Price per unit: $3.33

Product Details

Nik L Nips bottle candy are a classic treat with a unique design. Kids will love the novelty of "eating" their drink. Each package contains an assortment of colorful Nik L Nips bottles. Instead of glass, each miniature bottle is made using a chewy transparent wax. A single serving of tasty syrup is waiting inside. Bite off the cap (or any side you like), drink the liquid, then chew the bottle like bubblegum!

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