Nonpareils Chocolates w Rainbow Seeds by Asher's - 8lb

Nonpareils Chocolates - 8lb
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Delicious milk chocolate with crunchy rainbow-colored nonpareil seeds for a unique flavor experience.

90 pieces per pound (720 total)

Price per pound: $11.75

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Product Details

Chocolate nonpareils offer a different take on this classic candy. While the pastel color and smooth, sweet taste of nonpareils mints is appealing, sometimes you need a flavor that's a little richer. Our chocolate version offers a savory sweetness that is absolutely irresistible!

Every piece includes a playful swirl of chocolate which forms an eye-catching disc. The bottom is dipped in dot candies which add variety to the finished product. Nonpareils chocolates will really wow guests at any event. Pour into candy dishes and serve at birthdays, picnics, showers or other celebrations.

You can tuck a few in a small gift bag or box to hand out to loved ones as wedding favors. They can even be used to add elegance to cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods. Simply add icing then decorate with chocolate nonpareils! We make it so easy to get all the pieces you need for any occasion. Order our bulk nonpareil chocolates today and share the amazing taste of the world's favorite confection!

SKU: K334181

90 pieces per pound (720 total)

Flavor List

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

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