Nut Goodie Bars - 24ct

  • $47.99

Original Nut Goodie Bars like the good ol days!

Price per bar: $2.00

Product Details

Nostalgic. Classic. Vintage. You're a special kind of candy fan who appreciates where every sweet got its roots.

With these Nut Goodie's, you can enjoy a taste of yesteryear in every milk chocolatey, nutty bite! Introduced in 1912, Nut Goodie hit candy store shelves for a whopping 5 cents!

To this day, not much has changed about the delicious, salty, sweet nut clusters including their vintage wrapper. Add these to a 2's themed party for a tasty treat, share a bit of history with loved ones, or surprise your grandmother or grandfather with a taste of their youth. Whatever you do, you'll love these tried and true confections.

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