Spooky Eyes Eyeball Gumballs - 850ct

Spooky Eyes Eyeball Gumballs - 850ct CandyStore.com
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Creepy blood shot eyeball gumballs are so fun!

1-inch diameter

Price per unit: $0.08

Product Details

Creep out guests with these unusual Oak Leaf gumball eyes! Don't worry, they are completely edible and contain no actual human parts (even though they look realistic!).

Each piece starts with a plain white gumball that's chewy inside and smooth outside. Speckles of blood red are added to add a slightly gory effect. An eye design with black iris and pupil. We have your next Halloween party covered with our bulk gumball eyes!

This spooky treat is perfect for Trick or Treat night or can be used to create a themed dessert table. Pour into a dish and serve as is or get creative and use these chewy eyeballs to decorate cakes, cookies and more.

Guests will love the classic bubblegum flavor after scrutinizing this unique confection to make sure it isn't made of the real thing! Create scary atmosphere by serving your friends and family our realistic gumball peepers!

SKU: U317659

1-inch diameter

Price per unit: $0.08

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