Orange Flavor Gumballs - 850ct

Orange Flavor Gumballs - 850ct
  • $67.99

Delightful 1" orange gumballs with a bright citrus flavor, perfect for candy buffets and gumball machines.

60 gumballs per pound (120 total)

Price per pound: $4.80

Product Details

Add more color to your candy collection with our vibrant orange gumballs! This classic treat includes a bite-sized orb of sweet confection with a delightfully chewy texture. The outside is covered in a blanket of smooth, shiny orange.

The combination of soft texture and brilliant color is perfect for parties, events and other special occasions. Pour your orange gumballs into jars to serve as part of a candy buffet. Keep some at home in a dish in case guests stop by. They also make great cake decorations.

Single color gumballs are convenient for events with a color scheme or theme. Match our orange gumballs up to your wedding colors or create a custom candy assortment for a birthday party. We also offer a huge selection of single color candies and gumballs so you can choose two, three or more hues for your gathering. Give your guests the best experience at your next celebration with our bulk orange gumballs!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: U350572

60 gumballs per pound (120 total)

Allergen Info

From the manufacturer: "Made in a peanut and tree nut free facility."

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