Orange Pineapple Candy Sticks - 80ct

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Length: 5-inches Diameter: 1/4-inch

Price per stick: $0.21

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Two tropical flavors come together in our orange pineapple hard candy sticks! Old fashioned candy can be just as exciting as new confections, and our classic candy sticks will prove it! You'll love every inch of this convenient candy.The surface is smooth and includes a bold orange background with a narrow yellow stripe that wraps around the outside. It's a rich, warm color combination that hints at the exotic flavors featured in this one-of-a-kind hard candy! Each old fashioned candy stick is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can admire the stripe before you enjoy. Simply tear open the end and start licking!Our candy sticks are perfect for quick snacking. Just tuck them away in your desk drawer, purse, glove box or anywhere you might get hungry. They can also be used to dress up tables at parties and events for that nostalgic candy shop look. Whether you use them to fill Easter baskets, wedding favors or as a quick after school treat, everyone will love our orange pineapple candy sticks!

Certified Kosher Candy

NOTICE: Stick candy is very fragile! Its extreme fragile nature and delivery circumstances beyond our control dictate that we will not guarantee old fashioned stick candy will arrive unbroken. During the shipping process, some or many sticks may break. We will not be held responsible for any broken sticks, regardless of how many arrive broken. Please keep this in mind before you place your order.

SKU: K327543

Length: 5-inches Diameter: 1/4-inch

Price per stick: $0.21

Allergen Info

From the manufacturer:"All of our candy is Gluten free, we don't use peanut products in our candy and we try to use natural flavors when possible, sometimes we do utilize artificial flavors/colors."

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