Orange Tiny Tesla Twist Pops - 48ct

Orange Tiny Tesla Twist Pops - 48ct
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Orange Tiny Tesla Twist Pops are a brilliant creation inspired by one of the most famous minds in all of history. The famous and impressive Tesla coil is often associated with amazing feats of electricity. While our twisted lollipops don't do anything electrifying, they will impress your taste buds with an invigorating orange citrus flavor combined with irresistible sweetness.

What makes our orange Tiny Tesla Twist Pops so eye-catching is both their bold color and unique shape. Each starts with a length of delicious hard candy that's striped in brilliant orange and pure white. The candy is carefully twisted around a disposable stick to form a column of tasty confection. The effect is both mesmerizing and mouthwatering!

Lollipops in bulk are an easy way to get large quantities at a great price for events and special occasions. Place our Tiny Tesla Twist Pops in a vase or jar to serve visitors or use them as fun shower, birthday or wedding favors!

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