The Original Swedish Fish Red - 12ct Peg Bags

The Original Swedish Fish Red - 12ct Peg Bags
  • $34.99

Iconic Swedish Fish candy with sweet red berry flavor and recognizable branding in bold red color.

12 box per bags

Price per unit: $2.92

Product Details

Swedish Fish are the original fat free candy. These handsome little fish gummies are a must-have for anyone with a discerning sweet tooth. Every piece is shaped like a classic fish and comes in bold red.

Other flavors are available, including green and yellow, but red is truly the most popular among candy lovers. Swedish fish were created when a Swedish confectionary maker was looking to expand its business in 1957. After making licorice lace and ribbon candies, the Swedish fish product was produced and sold in North America. Things have never been the same as more people tried these irresistible bite sized fish candies.

They are soft enough to stretch and chew and offer big flavor that makes the mouth water! Order your bulk Swedish Fish package today and serve them at picnics, beach parties, summer events or anytime you want to taste the amazing flavor that original Swedish fish are known for!

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12 box per bags

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