Paint Shop Lollipops Doubles - 20ct

Paint Shop Lollipops Doubles - 20ct
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Paint Shop Doubles lollipops take snack time to the next level with two outrageous flavors to keep your taste buds busy! This unique novelty candy is packed with irresistible sweetness.

It's like eating two delicious confections at once. Each Paint Shop lollipop includes a classic paint brush handle with curved sides and a narrow neck. The top doesn't have bristles, instead a solid block of two-flavor hard candy extends out to a flat tip. A plastic paint can full of colorful powder candy is also included. Each side is filled with a different flavor. Lick your lollipop paint brush then dip in one or both sides! Paint Shop Lollipop Doubles are a fun choice for birthday parties and other kid-friendly events. Use them to fill up treat bags or give out as prizes for winning games! Add them to this year's stocking stuffer list or save as an exciting after school snack.

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