Jordan Almonds Pastel Blue - 5lb

Jordan Almonds Pastel Blue - 5lb
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There is no need to feel blue! When you get a fist full of some delicious Jordan Almonds Pastel Blue in color there will be no need to feel sad anymore because these treats will explode into your mouth and cause you to have a great feeling of joy. As you munch on these delicious nuts dipped in chocolate and covered in a tasty candy hard shell pastel color then you will find a smile and a reason to be happy.

Many people use these treats to announce the birth of a bouncing baby boy because of their baby blue color, but most people just eat them at a casual gathering at home. The blue pastel color provides an elegant decadence to an occasion that will even make watching football seem more formal. Fortunately these almond treats come in a hefty bulk bag which will allow for many people to enjoy the pastel blue goodness.

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