Pastel Blue Sparkle Chocolate Almonds - 5lb

Pastel Blue Sparkle Chocolate Almonds - 5lb
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Dazzle guests, loved ones or anyone who stops by during snack time with pastel blue sparkle chocolate almonds! This delectable confection is one part nut and one part chocolate!

Each starts with a fresh almond that's carefully selected for quality and taste. The nut is smothered in a coating of rich chocolate then finished in a gorgeous pastel blue candy shell. As if that wasn't enough, our sparkle chocolate almonds take things to another level with a shimmering texture that is sure to turn heads. Each piece seems to glimmer in any lighting.

These elegant candies are perfect for wedding favors and gifts. Add them to boxes or tulle bags for baby showers or pour into glass dishes and let guest help themselves. Not only are they absolutely beautiful to behold they are also a sweet and savory treat that is simply irresistible! Our bulk chocolate almond packs come in a variety of colors so you can combine to create a custom chocolate almond assortment.

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