Jordan Almonds Pastel Lavender - 5lb

Jordan Almonds Pastel Lavender - 5lb
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Who doesn't love the great taste of chocolate covered almonds? If you do then you will be please to know that these candies are lavender in color. This means that they are really able to add an accent of color to your candy bar, wedding, baby shower, or other special event that you may be holding. They also have a great taste that is sure to get your taste buds cranked into high gear.

They are going to have bit of crunch to them which is something that most people look for in a good tasting candy. It gives it that extra texture and is able to really accent the almond flavor with the chocolate coating. You are able to get these in big bags to ensure that there is enough to go around if you will be using them for a special event. If not then you are sure to find that these will last you for a while which is great.

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