Trolli Peachie O's Gummi Rings - 12ct Bags

Peachie O's Gummi Rings - 12ct Bags
  • $36.99

Orange and yellow peach gummi rings from Trolli!

Price per bag: $3.08

Product Details

Fruity and mild, the flavor of Peachie O's Gummi Rings is like no other candy, and the soft, chewy texture is one of the best of the gummy varieties!

A bulk package of market-size Peachie O's bags makes these fun candy rings easy to pack for car trips and family picnics, and the bags are the perfect size for the movie theater, too! These gummi peach slices are an economical way to enjoy gummi candies on the go. Each Peachie O's gummi candy is dusted with sugar and consists of two pretty layers, one yellow and one two-toned red and orange to mimic the hues of real peach fuzz.

They make a pretty addition to a warmly-hued candy buffet in summer or fall. Cover a layer cake in Peachie O's Gummi Rings for a playful (and edible) geometric decoration, or just slide a Peachie O on every finger and wave to your friends.

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