Peanut Brittle Square Bars 1.8oz - 24ct box

Peanut Brittle Square Bars 1.8oz - 24ct box
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One of the most well-known candies on the shelves of candy stores, we have Peanut Brittle Square Bars available in bulk! Give this tried and true treat a taste and you'll be able to chow down on buttery brittle and crunchy peanuts.

Since this candy is so rich, it's ideal to use these peanut brittle squares on top of ice cream, crushed up and served on top of brownies, buried in between and ice cream sandwich or enjoyed one bite at a time. If you're making an old fashioned candy basket, then stock up on some of these Peanut Brittle Square Bars to stuff inside. You'll have enough to share and to nibble on along the way!

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