Peanut Butter Sherbet Milk Chocolates - 5lb

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Fluffy peanut butter squares topped with rich milk chocolate!

34 pieces per pound (170 total)

Price per pound: $16.00

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Product Details

Peanut butter sherbet milk chocolates are a unique confection that is a must-try for anyone who loves peanut butter and chocolate! These candies are unlike any other.

They feature a simple layered arrangement that provides both flavors in each bite. The bottom 3/4ths of each piece consists of fluffy, crunchy peanut butter candy. The top quarter includes a thick blanket of milk chocolate fudge. Bulk peanut butter sherbet milk chocolates are a tasty candy to serve at special occasions and events.

Arrange them on platters or trays to serve guests at parties and picnics. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is also a winner at holiday parties. Whether you're looking for an easy treat to give out during Christmas or want something delectable to go with Thanksgiving dinner, everyone will enjoy these gourmet squares! Serve alone or combine with any of our other chocolate candies to create a custom assortment for your celebration.

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34 pieces per pound (170 total)

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