Peanut Cluster Chocolates - 5lb

Peanut Cluster Chocolates - 5lb
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The medley of creamy, sweet chocolate and salty peanuts creates a flavor combination few people can resist. These Peanut Cluster Chocolates are essentially the perfect candy. Whether you're craving something sweet or savory, these yummy delights will more than satisfy.

You know how your stomach starts growling around 2:00pm? This is the ideal snack! It's big enough to only need one to curb a craving, but not so big that it ruins that early dinner party you're going to in a couple hours. Keep these stocked in your pantry, and they are sure to become your go-to snack.

Of course, considering this is a generous 5-pound supply of peanut clusters, you'll receive more than enough to share. Need a last minute dessert to take to a party or serve to unexpected guests? Just put these Peanut Cluster Chocolates on a tray and they are sure to be an instant hit. They are available in creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate.

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Milk or Dark Chocolate

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