Pecan Caramel Pattie Chocolates - 5lb

Pecan Caramel Pattie Chocolates - 5lb
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Pecan Caramel Pattie Chocolates are the ultimate indulgence of the chocolate world, combining three decadent tastes and three individual textures into an utterly luscious gourmet candy.

Always tempting treats when laid out on trays on a dessert table, these high-quality bulk chocolates bring out the flavorful appeal of pecans and the creamy, slightly chewy warmth of caramel by half-drowning both of them in the thick coating of delicious chocolate.

Maybe you want to make gift baskets feel more thoughtful yet keep them relatively economical by tucking in a cellophane bag of these wholesale candies. Maybe you have a corporate event coming up and you want to sweeten your guests outlook with a lovable chocolate caramel treat.

Maybe you just like to keep a rich, self-contained dessert on hand in the pantry for unexpected guests. Whatever your need, these pecan caramel pattie chocolates are a distinctly delicious solution.

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Flavor List

Milk or Dark Chocolate.

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