Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts - 12ct

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Peeps marshmallow ghosts offer a festive treat for Halloween!

9 pieces per box

Price per unit: $2.00

Product Details

Peeps marshmallow ghosts offer a festive treat for Halloween. Each piece is shaped like a howling spirit with wide bottom, raised arms and a wispy head. The inside consists of soft, chewy gelatin marshmallow candy while the outside is covered in a fine white sugar coating. Dark brown eyes and an o-shaped mouth create a spooky face on each ghost shaped Peep.

Now you can enjoy your favorite marshmallow candy during the scariest time of the year! Our Peeps marshmallow ghosts are a must-have for Halloween events and parties. Serve them up as a quick after school snack for the kids or hand them out to students during the classroom party. Peeps ghosts are also a festive cake decoration.

Simply ice your cookies, cupcakes or cakes then arrange these pale ghouls on top. You can even use Peeps marshmallow ghosts to fill treat bags to give out on Trick or Treat night!


9 pieces per box

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