Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc

Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc
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Peeps hearts are another fun treat by the makers of the world's favorite marshmallow-y Easter candy! This delicious confection includes a thick, flat heart shape with narrow end and curved top.

Each is covered in a deep red hue. The shape and color make this treat a great choice when searching for Valentine's Day candy. They can also be used to make a wedding or anniversary party extra special! Use them to decorate cookie trays, cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. The first Peeps were sold by the Just Born company in Pennsylvania. Russian immigrant Sam Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company which produced marshmallow chicks.

Born changed the candy manufacturing process so these delicious candies could be mass produced to meet the demand of customers. Today Peeps are a very popular confection that is enjoyed all year round! Our Peeps hearts offer the same soft texture with an irresistible strawberries and cream flavor.


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